Sai-Internationally Trained Tattoo Artist

I am a tattoo artist with international work exposure. I have trained under Lancelot Wilkie, who is one of the leading tattoo artists of Guyana-South America. My learning experience of 3years under him involved a rigorous internship that helped me gain insights of the complexities of the tattooing and more importantly, solutions and methodology to become a successful tattoo artist.
I have done several styles of tattoos on myself. There are about twenty plus tattoos (and still counting…) on my hands and legs that I feel represent my style and precision. A unique style on my left arm is the ambigram tattoo that reads Life and Death.


I was always fascinated by tattoos. When I was 14 years old, I wanted to get a colour tattoo after seeing foreigners who visited Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Ashram in Bangalore. However, I did not know where to get it done, infact there were no professional tattoo studio’s at that time, so it remained a dream. When I went to Guyana-South America, I saw many people flaunting well-finished coloured tattoos. I searched for at least two months to find a good artist who finally connected me to Lancelot Wilkie, one of the best artists in Guyana. When I got my first tattoo on my neck, a handsome looking scorpion, I decided to learn this art which is different and very interesting. Although I did receive a Degree in BSc Microbiology, I realised that it wasn’t for me and decided to dedicate my life to the art of tattooing. Since I am an accomplished artist good in all mediums like pencils, water colours, acrylic, poster and oil paints, it was very easy for me to get the basics of tattooing. A fast learner, I was able to learn the basic level art of tattooing within a couple of months. My guru approved and appreciated my inherent skills.


The art of tattooing is difficult and exacting. For a tattoo artist, the skin is the canvas and nothing can be erased if something goes wrong. Which means it has to be precise. To separate a good artist form other mediocre ones, the precision is what matters.


Well, I spent a lot of time with the artist in his studio, helping him and honing the art for three years. I was certified by Lancelot only after the internship. But after just seven-eight months, I got a golden chance to tattoo my master. He was totally convinced with my art and offered his skin to me even after knowing that I had only couple months of experience in tattooing. The tattoo was very big (about 12inches by 5inches) on his left calf-muscle. Later on, when I was leaving the country I got the same tattoo on my right calf-muscle by my master Lancelot !! Which I feel proud to carry…